24/7 Self Service - Left Luggage Lockers in Tbilisi

Tbilisi, Liberty Square # 4 (In the arch) Box size: 49X28X70 CM Price From 5 GEL


Smart Case is a first 24/7 self-service luggage lockers in Tbilisi. It is located in very very center of Tbilisi, Liberty square, next to shopping mall Galleria Tbilisi and hotel Courtyard Marriott, In the arch.

Based on customer needs our service varies from 4 hours to 30 days.

Prices are affordable for travelers and visitors of Tbilisi:

4 hours – 5 GEL (less than 2 Euro) 24 Hours – 10 GEL
2 Days – 20 GEL 3 Days – 25 GEL
4 Days – 30 GEL 5 Days – 35 GEL
6 Days – 40 GEL 7 Days – 45 GEL
8 Days – 50 GEL 9 Days – 55 GEL
10 Days – 60 GEL 15 Days – 85 GEL
20 Days – 110 GEL 25 Days – 135 GEL
30 Days – 160 GEL


After the exhaustion of the ordered time, the system will automatically charge for an extra time. The maximum period of the luggage being stored in a locker is 10 days. If the storage period exceeds the given 10 days period of time, the luggage will be removed to a specially designated area and will be stored for the next 30 days. The owner of the luggage will be triple charged for each extra day! When a 30 day period runs out , the company reserves the right not to store the luggage at all!

The following items are prohibited to put in the box:

Ammunition Dangerous Goods
Explosive and incendiary materials Flammable items
Gasses and pressure containers Oxidizers and organic peroxides
Poisons Infectious materials Corrosives
Radioactive materials Weapons
Infectious materials Fireworks
Liberty Square #4 Tbilisi, Georgia